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"Invisible messages"

I am running windows 10 ive tried spark 2.8.3, 2.8.0 and 2.5.8 with all im getting the same issue. Yesterday 2.5.8 worked fine no issue, nothing has changed and now its acting the same as the other versions. apparantly others can see my messages but i cant see theirs or mine. I know sparked worked on my Samsung tab pro which is a windows 10 devices but it wont work on my new laptop (ACER ASPIRE R). I use this client for work and nobody there can figure out why this is happening.

2.5.8 is too old. Can’t help with it. I suggest trying to figure out the problem with the latest 2.8.3 version. First you can try clean install (if you don’t care for chat history). Stop Spark. Uninstall it and make sure there is no Spark folder in Program files (x86). Then delete Spark folder at c/users/your_user/appdata/roaming. Install 2.8.3 and check. If the problem is still present check logs at c/users/your_user/appdata/roaming/spark/logs

I did eventually do this. Using 2.8.3. It works now, but some features are missing, the initially log in screen is “grayed out” and the login options are gone. Once logged in i have no log out option and no appearance option. In order to log out i have to force close the program. And cant make the tiny font bigger.

Limted options are because of Client Control plugin installed on your server (Openfire). Ask your server admin to update that plugin or remove it if it’s not needed. Then all the settings be back. But new plugin’s version requires at least 4.0.0 version of server.