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Invitation and Chat Window Opened

I just installed the BETA 4 release and was excited to see there was a notification when disconnected,added to the release, but am now seeing something that will prevent me from upgrading, unfortunately. When our client’‘s click on a link it should invite my team members to join a conference room, which it is doing, but it is also initiating a one-on-one chat with us as well and we aren’‘t able to accept the invitation until the one-on-one chat window is closed, then we can accept the invitation and view all of the client information passed to us as we want to. We need the invite, but don’'t need the one-on-one chat window at the same time, so we can choose to accept the invitation if we choose too.

Is this something that can be easily resolved?

Thanks in advance…


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Just a quick update, it actually sends both a broadcast and an invitation. After we close the broadcast window we are able to accept the invitation.

Thanks for your help…



Are you referring to the XMPP URI Mapping? Could you post your urls you are using for users to click on.



The users actually click a link that masks the URL and then a dynamically generated room is created with a name similar to: 111752def63.fbd@j3conf.broadcast.monsoon5.com. The j3 portion could be j2, j3, or j4 and I receive a broadcast message as below:

111752def63.fbd@j3conf.broadcast.monsoon5.com: You have been invited to the 111752def63.fbd@j3conf.broadcast.monsoon5.com room by vcs.repository@broadcast.monsoon5.com

Reason: Programming

Course Name:Java Programming Fundamentals



Name:Bob Jones

After I close this by clicking the X. I can then go to the invitation page to Accept the invitation

then I can enter the chat room and have a conversation with them.

I will check to see if I can get a URL from behind the link that is clicked.

Hey Spark Team,

any luck on why this may be happening?

Really would like to get everyone to upgrade to the latest version…