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iOS client disconnect

I have some problems with iOS devices, and tried almost every IM client (the last is Monal), with no luck.
My problems are:

  1. When for some reason the IM app is not running (for example, after a device reboot), there is no way to automatically connect the app to the Openfire server, until I execute the app again.
  2. When there is no internet connection, it seems the the app disconnect from the Openfire server, and do not connect back until I run the app again.

I need an app that stays always connect to the server, and even that reconnects if something wrong happens with the device (reboot, no internet connection, ecc…)
Is there a way to have a decent app on iOs device?

Best regards

You should ask your App vendor about it. Reconnecting is not an Openfire issue, but a client issue.

This is simply not possible.

iOS hibernates an App when its not running, effectively closing all connections

Apple rejects Apps running in the Background permanently. I think, no app can handle what you desire. You need to code your own client and deploy it enterprise (for internal Business purposes).