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IP and Domain Name don''t match in Admin Console

I just upgraded to JM 2.3.1, and decided to review all the Admin Console settings. It’‘s probably been like this for a while, but I’‘ve just noticed that the IPs and the Domain Names displayed on the Server Settings page don’'t match.

Here’'s what I get:

Server Ports

1: IP:Port, Security:, NORMAL

Domain Name(s): pinky.dnsalias.net

2: IP:Port, Security:, NORMAL

Domain Name(s): pinky.dnsalias.net

3: IP:Port, Security:, NORMAL

Domain Name(s): pinky.dnsalias.net

4: IP:Port, Security:, TLS (SSL)

Domain Name(s): pinky.dnsalias.net

pinky.dnsalias.net is the correct domain name – no problems there. But, is not the matching IP address. My machine’‘s name is set to pinky.fuzzy, and the associated IP with that name is (for my internal network). Neither my hosts file, nor my internal DNS includes anything about pinky.dnsalias.net, so there’‘s no reason that I should be getting the IP for pinky.dnsalias.net that I can see. Interestingly, even though the wrong IP is shown, I haven’'t had any problems with JM (other than MySQL not working, grrr…).

If you click on ‘‘Edit Properties’’ on the bottom of your Server Properties screen, what do you get?

Can you change the server name there?

I get the Edit Server Properties page, with reasonable values. The server name is pinky.dnsalias.net, as it needs to be. I suppose I could set the name to something different, but then I couldn’'t use the server.

I chatted with Matt a bit about this problem. The conclusion is that the IP shown is only for the first bound interface. Other IPs (including the one for pinky.dnsalias.net) are bound too, but they’'re just not shown. Some future version of JM will clarify the shown IP information in the Admin Console.

That makes some sense… on my setup, it lists as the server IP… which is loopback… and it works fine