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iPhone (iOS) Clients for Private Server


I’ve searched extensively, but am still looking for some good iOS clients for a private Openfire server. It seems the majority of iOS Jabber clients connect through an internet gateway, I am only interested in clients that make a direct connection since the devices in our environment do not have internet access.

So far I have found Monal and Talkonaut. Any input on other paid or free options would be appreciated!


Hello Chris,

Many months later. I am in the same position as you. Running a local Jabber server (Openfire) and needing clients that have no interaction with the Internet - for security and management reasons.

I was using Monal a year ago, but serious bugs existed (which Anu, the author is fixing, and nearly ready to release a new working version!). The only other was Talkonaut, which we are using currently.

I have found no others in trials of nearly 40 messenger apps over the past year.

Sorry I have no good news on this.

Depending on the project I am working on, we are seriously considering writing our own client.

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