IQ Disco Request

Hi All,

This is the Query regarding how the Disco IQ requests has been processing.

  1. what are disco requests and where they are processed , as i gone through the documentation about Package org.jivesoftware.openfire.disco

from which class the disco requests are processing , and where the unique disco info is generating , and i have run the application in debug mode , so i am unable to find out where the disco requests are forming for the first time when i login into partiular Legay Services.

is the disco requests will automatically generated or else from which class all the disco request information has been implemented.

however i have look in to this classes like , , ,

my intention is where the disco information is processing for first client request.

and secondly ,

where the rosters are formed and how …

syntax :

Request Received by Server : sent by client :

"<iq id='disco' to="" type='get'><query xmlns='[]('></query></iq>";

is the above IQ Packet which has been providing id=“disco” , so where this request is processing and when this is happened.