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IQ packet extension


I’'ve been wondering about the iq packet extensions and how it is defined in xmpp,

here :http://www.xmpp.org/specs/rfc3921.html#def-client

the schema for iq is basicly:

) and the extensions are added to that (child)element.

I always thought that the extensions of the IQ packets were the child elements of the “iq” element.

Is this an error in the implementation of IQ in the org.xmpp package or am i missing something?

ps im excluding the errors for clarity

Hey bram,

In http://www.xmpp.org/specs/rfc3920.html (section 9.2.3 IQ Semantics) you can read the following about IQ child elements:

. An IQ stanza of type “get” or “set” MUST contain one and only one child element that specifies the semantics of the particular request or response.

. An IQ stanza of type “result” MUST include zero or one child elements.

. An IQ stanza of type “error” SHOULD include the child element contained in the associated “get” or “set” and MUST include an child; for details, see Stanza ErrorsStanza Errors.

So are you can see an IQ may have 0 or 1 child element. It is not valid to have many child elements like it is the case with Presence and Message.


– Gato