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Iq type get without request

I’m getting from Openfire Iq type get without request like:
<iq to="testuser@mydomain.com" from="testuser@myof.com/Spark" type="get"></iq>

What does it mean? What should I do with that iq?
On xmpp specification there are no explanation about such iq’s:
get – The stanza is a request for information or requirements.

Smack library can’t parse such iq and gets NullPointerException on this line:

Please assist.
Thanks in advance!

Best regards,

Openfire doesn’t send ‘empty’ IQ stanzas like that by default. The addressing in the example that you give suggest that it is sent by Spark (which also would be very strange). Can you reproduce this behavior with other clients? Can you rule out that custom code is causing this?

Thanks for quick response! Yes, I meant Spark client.

Can you reproduce this behavior with other clients?

No, it’s only Spark.

which also would be very strange

Yes, indeed.

So what should I respond to this iq?

Cus for now I skipping it, but I interested why I’m getting such iq