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IQHandler gets wrong packets

Hello everybody,

I am currently developing a plugin that shall react to some custom IQs…

So I implemented some IQ Handlers …and 3 out of 4 work.

I got IQ Handlers reacting on the following names and namespaces:





However, the final one with the “confirmUnlockCode” methodName and the “xxx:users” namespace

always gets a packet with the following scheme:

Why does that Handler get notified of such a xmpp packet? The methodName is completely different.

Everything worked fine until I added that new IQHandler…and its only about 30 lines of code and I did check every line a couple of times…

I cant find an error…it must be something different I did not see yet.

I hope you guys can help me out here.

Thanks in advance!

I think I have seen this problem before. Not sure, so please don’t quote me on this if it does not work

Try using only lower case for your XML tag names. In other words use

requestaccountunlockcode instead of requestAccountUnlockCode. I think there is a bug somewhere in Openfire with case when using IQ handlers