t-shirt :)

As my old (2 years of wearing) JiveSoftware t-shirt is not in perfect condition anymore (tshirt is ok, but the logo on back has some scratches). So i was thinking about purchasing Ignite Realtime t-shirt here

?urrently i only have Visa Virtuon connected with PayPal. And i’'m thinking to order a credit card in my bank to be able to pay in CafePress, though PayPal would be more convinient.

What i was thinking about is that Jive/IR should make t-shirts of products theme: Openfire, Spark, etc. Some fire red color t-shirt (or maybe combining red and orange) with Openfire logo would be great

Hi wroot,

Thanks for your ideas! We need to refresh the items available at the CafePress store so that you can get product-specific merchandise.