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IRC Transport - server changing

Hi there

I’'ve got a question - is it possible for users to change IRC server which is entered in transport config? I mean - can logged on users choose server to connect (for example via server command or when registering)?

Thanks for help

I had considered doing that in the past, and ended up not doing it “for now”. However, I can definitely see a need for this, but by the same token there’'s a lot of folk who have indicated that making the admin specifically set the IRC server to connect to addresses some security needs they had. However, GATE-187 will need to be completed before I can add support. What I am thinking of doing is making a pseudo access list type of thing where admins can restrict what irc servers can be connected to, but generally the end user will pick exactly which one they want to connect to.

I went ahead and created an issue, GATE-197