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Is Client app included?

Hey Guys,

I’'m curious, but does this jive messenger app include an

client side app? Or is the server side functional, and we would have to code the client side application?

Second question: I’‘m assuming that Jive Forums and Jive messenger are 2 seperate entities correct? They don’'t relate to each other in any way.

Thanks guys!

wait i’'m reading this a bit more now…

Smack is what I would need to download to be able to write my own interface to connect to the jive instant messenger server.


That said, is there an app already designed right now?

Correct. You may use Smack to connect to Messenger as well as any other XMPP compliant client.

What kind of applications are you looking for?


– Gato

Hey, yeah I was looking for an existing client, something possibly java applet style?

I’'m looking for a possible solution for my company

If not, then using smack I could create my own java applet, i’'m assuming

Thanks for the reply

apologies, i always post too quickly when i come upon new software

I found a java applet called… well… jabberapplet heh