Is it a bug that the wildfire3.2 httpbinding disposal the "wait"attribute

After learning XMPP protocol about httpbinding , I design a client connecting with wildfire using the httpbinding protocol. And now I have carry out almost all basic function of IM, but I discover a problem about the wildfire3.2 httpbinding disposaling the attribute named “wait” . The attribute is set when Requesting a Session .

For example: the content of Requesting a Session :

POST /webclient HTTP/1.1


Accept-Encoding: gzip, deflate

Content-Type: text/xml; charset=utf-8

Content-Length: 104


to wildfire every 30 seconds, but the wildfire will cut the session of the client’'s connection.

As the talking in the xmpp protocol : XEP-0124 httpbinding , the wildfire should not cut the session in 60 seconds because the attribute named “wait” is set ‘‘60’’ and the client sends a request to wildfire every 30 seconds . 30 is smaller than 60.

Is it a bug that the wildfire3.2 httpbinding disposal the "wait"attribute ,or is the meaning of the “wait” attribute other?

ask for help!

thank you!

You raised a very good point. I just did some refactoring so that the current time will be returned if there are currently connections actively awaiting a response. These changes should be available in the next nightly build. Thanks, for the feedback! For your reference here is what i changed: