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Is it possible to automatically add everyone on the wildfire server?

I’'m creating a java chat application and it is going to be used privately on a network. Is it possible to call a method that returns a list of all users registered? I.e. everyone registered on the Wildfire server?

At the current moment I have to manually add “buddies” but I want to delete that feature, and just have everyone visible to everyone from the beginning. Make sense?


admin users can use ad-hoc commands to query this information.

There’'s also the registration plugin which allows to add new users to a default shared group - this group sould contain all users.


Just use the shared groups feature in Openfire!


I was looking into that…so if I create a group in Openfire, how do I access the list of users in programming terms? Am I using the Roster class?

Create a group and mark it as shared. Anyone in that shared group or marked to see it will have that group in their roster.