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Is it possible to change ports 9090 and 9091?


i want to ask if is possible to change ports 9090 and 9091 in openfire to something different.

If is possibe how can i do that ?

Thanks in advanced!

Best regards, Ali Nebi!

Ah i found it. It is config file.

I read that these ports are used for admin console.

I suppose that it will not be a problem if i change these ports to something different, right ?

correct, you cn change them to whatever you wish as long as it is a valid unused port.

You can change those ports in Admin Console too. Forst screen, Edit Properties button at the bottom. Usually it shouldnt broke anything, unless you change it some port which is already in use by some other service/program.

Thanks for your replies

I’m going to change it now.

Thanks again and have a nice day

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