Is it possible to Create New Group Summary via client?


I build android application and I want to create group inside: openfire -> User/Groups -> Groups -> Create New Group.

I wonder if I import to android application client the below class.


and I write someting like:

try {
                Group newGroup = objManger.getGroupManager().createGroup(name);
                if (description != null) {
  1. Did i be able to create new group?

  2. Did I must to build plugin for openfire or I can control it from the client?

Many Thanks for any help.

You could also use the REST API plugin which already allow you to create new groups over REST/HTTP.

Look here: REST API Plugin Readme


I Dont need to create new REST/HTTP.

I want to use the existing client connection created to devlope this plugin which create " New Group Summary"

without REST/HTTP,

Many Thanks for your replay.

I be glade for any Help