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Is it possible to customize Smack and Openfire?


I’m trying to implement an IM system using Smack and Openfire. It turns out that I will need to store more variables for each user account. For example, I may also need to store the IP and public key in addition to the regular username and password. Is that possible to change the Smack api and Openfire (and its embedded database) as well to allow for that? For this specific example, do you have any hints at what I’ll probably need to look at and change?



Yes it’s possible.

In Openfire and Smack you probably will need to change the code, I’m not sure that you can do everything you want just using plugins.

You should look “how Smack an Openfire realize a login and authentication”.


sorry, I’m new to this. Is that article you suggested a thread? or it’s some online article?