Is it possible to forbid the clients to chat one to one?

Hi @all !

First: Great Project OPENFIRE server works really fine !!

Thank you guys!

I installed spark on the client computers and the user automatically joins a groupchat after start.

But now only chatting in the groupchat (room) should be allowed.

How can I forbid one to one chats?

Thank you very much for your help!



This would be hard to achieve i suppose. You can try installing the Packet Filter plugin and setting the blocking rules rules for message and presence packets. But i’m afraid this will disable chats in group chat too. If not, there is still an option to have a private chat inside the group chat. So, i think you still will need a custom solution for this (in a form of a plugin). Can’t suggest how to build one. You will need a java developer who will dive into Openfire code and figure this out and write one for you.