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Is it possible to invite a user on creation of a chat room using the REST API?

I’m pretty new to this so heads up. I’ve been reading through documentation of the REST API, OpenFire and XEP-0249 and I’m able to create a new chatroom successfully and have it show up on the OpenFire server. I’m also able to add a particular user as a member to that chatroom and verify that it was successful by calling /chatrooms/{myChatroom} and printing the response.body. The member that I add doesn’t show up as a participant, which I expect because the client never receives an invitation. Is it actually possible to send an invite to a chatroom using the REST API?

No, it is not possible to invite users on created chat room. If you add the user as a member to the chatroom, the users client can join the channel, but he will not get an invitation for that.
If you are experienced in Java, you could improve that and create a pull request.
The rest api code is open source: https://github.com/igniterealtime/openfire-restAPI-plugin

Oh that’s unfortunate, thank you for responding so quickly