Is it possible to make pus email?

Dear All,

i was think to use wildfire as transport for email beside as chat aplication.

i want every user who subscribe to my wildfire server will have an email account in my email server then every user can use email through some mobile aplication (will be create later if possible), then there is will be “push email”. is it possible?

Thank you for your explanation.

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if your user base is already in LDAP and your mail server connects to it for user auth then you may want to configure Wildfire to use also LDAP. Wildfire can also connect to an external database if you don’‘t use LDAP for user auth so it’'s quite easy to keep users and passwords synchronized.

If you want to maintain the user base in Wildfire and sync it from there then you need to write a plugin for Wildfire to do this.

On you’'ll find some existing mail components.