Is it possible to migrate user from mssql DB to LDAP

Dear all,

I’m going to migrate the users from mssql database to LDAP (openldap) server.

I know that the users stored in mssql on jiveUser were encrypt with blowfish (I guess?), and is it possible to migrate to LDAP server that encrypt with CRYPT,

or MD5, or CLEAR TEXT.

Is there any tool or method to change it?

or Are there any way to config openfire to store plain password on plainPassword filed of jiveUser Table.

I believe that this case could be happen with someone who want to cross database.

give me any suggestions

thank you


This is a new one to me. If the username is going to be the same for the locally created users and the ones from LDAP they may work with no issues, as the users are based on username + server name to for the JID. As long as the name of your openfire server is staying the same this could work. I would setup a simple test server first, and backup the existing database. It could run on any desktop pc (Windows XP, Mac, etc). Copy over your openfire config, link it to the existing database, and test that you can login. Then stop the openfire server, edit the openfire.xml setup tag to read false, start the server, goto the admin site and step throught the config but this time point it to the LDAP server.

You could simplify this further with simply using the embeded database and creating a few users that will be in the LDAP server locally in the test server.