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Is it possible to send message to a user with a http request?

Hi all

This is my first post. I’'m enjoying Openfire very much and am hoping to integrate it into my Gaming League website community.

One thing I would like to do though is to have my web application (coded in Cold Fusion) send messages to individual users to notify them of events happening on the site. I have already found the plug in that allows me to add, delete and modify users using HTTP requests. Is there a similar function to allow me to send a message to someone using a http request too? Or maybe something I can tie directly into my code on the site?

Any ideas would be appreciated.



i think that u can add a plugin as a PacketInterceptor to all messages , then you can send messages to your web app.


there’'s no such plugin / webservice so you may need to write one.

If you want to use BOSH http://www.xmpp.org/extensions/xep-0124.html (Jabber HHTP Binding) you can also send and receive messages but I have no idea if Cold Fusion supports this of if you need to write a Cold Fusion modul to use this.


Well if your using an external DB you could possible insert the message into the database as an offline message. I would guess once in and the server refreshed it may see it and send it. I am actually planning on playing around with this ability with my online game. If I have any success I will post how I did it.

Hi, I actually want my web app to be able to send messages to users on Openfire, not the other way around.

I have the ability to run command lines with my web app, but I don’'t think Openfire has a command line tool to send messages does it?

Ideally, I would like to use a plugin that would accept HTTP requests, just like the user service plugin, but I dont think such a plugin exists…

any ideas anyone?

Sean, I tried inserting a record directly into the MySQL database but this didn’'t work. The record stayed there, but no message was shown on the client.

it2000, I appreciate the suggestion but I was hoping for something pre-written. Surely someone has wanted to communicate with Openfire from a web application before? I’'m not a programmer and I would prefer not to learn an entirely new programming language just to do this, so if anyone has any expertise in this area I would be very appreciative of some assistance.


you need only a few lines of code for such a simple plugin, so a community member with more time than me may write a easy one.

RyanG offers some professional services, you could contact him to get one for a few peanuts.

If you want to sponsor IgniteRealtime then you may want to contact Matt to get such a plugin.