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Is it possible to SVN commit? How do I obtain the access?

Hi, I have patches for bugs in OpenFire Server and is looking forward to contribute. How do I obtain the SVN access?


Thanks for your interest in contributing. You will want to sign this and send it in:


Also, what sort of patches do you have?



Hi Daryl, thanks for your reply. It seems like there is a need to sign and fax to a US address. Since I’m not from nor in US, do you know anybody that I could submit the source code to?


Feel free to attach the patches to this message thread.


Hi Daryl, attached is the file. Thanks.
JDBCAuthProvider.java (14319 Bytes)

It’s better to have patches in diff format. Also, can you describe what you are trying to fix?

What format do you recommend? As for the fix, I’d fixed the part which: “When using JDBCAuthProvider instead of DefaultAuthProvider, the Update Password feature fails due to wrong JDBC API call i.e. executeQuery on UPDATE queries, in the source code.”

Hi Daryl, is there any other ways to join as Contributor other than signing and faxing? I just wonder how do others contribute if they are not from nor in US

As i said we prefer DIFF format (not a patched file itself, but a file which describes what changes has been done in the original source). Such files can be applied to a source easier. Your source editing program should be able to produce source difference files.

I’m not a developer, so can you explain what problem does you patch fixes? i want to be sure that it’s not duplicating the other patch.

Also, what problem is with sending the fax to US? I think you can sign it, then scan to PDF and maybe send via email to matt@igniterealtime.org

Hi wroot, the DIFF format is as attached. Previously I thought “diff -> different” format (too much MSN LOL), this is why I asked for which other formats you recommend . Problem is fixed as described earlier, in easier terms it would be: “Unable to Update Password if JDBC Auth Provider is used instead of Default”.

As for the PDF, I’ll send once I get a scanner.

diff.txt (302 Bytes)

I filed this as OF-26 .

I have send my contributors agreement to cstux for my Spark patches. Since he is the “maintainer” of Spark, he reviews the changes and usually add’s some additional stuff to them. In the end he is doing the commits.

The SVN commits rights are not handed out lightly by Jive/Ignite to keep the quality of the products high. For Opernfire and Smack, the policy seems to be pretty strict, as Jive Software needs a properly working Openfire Trunk for their commercial product.

I wold suggest to address the patches to someone with commit rights to the Openfire Trunk, like akrherz, or guus and send the contributors agreement to Jive and Guus/akrherz via mail. I think it is wise to have patch reviews prior commits to the trunk.


SVN commit policy is strict but it is possible to come through We need professionals willing to improve Openfire and other projects. There are some docs in the works which will describe an idea of mentoring. These docs should be released soon. This means, that at first a new contributor will have to earn trust from other SVN commiters (mentors) and then eventually he will get SVN commit rights and become a mentor himself.

Nothing really requires a contributer to be in the US, the agreement you have to sign is to keep a single copyright holder for the project to make certain legal situations easier. Admittedly this makes it a little more complicated for international would-be contributers, but there isnt much we can do about that.

I wrote the initial document describing the steps needed to become a contributor with SVN access, and once we get a few revisions in we should be good to go with it.

Thanks for your fix. I’ve applied it to Openfire’s sources. Your fix will be part of Openfire 3.6.5.