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Is it possible to use encrypted password by 'SHA1' with User Service plugin?


Is there any configurations for setting to use encrypted password by ‘SHA1’ with User Service plugin in openfire?

User service use a password in plain text.

A sample of user service for adding a user after this.

http://example.com:9090/plugins/userService/userservice?type=add&secret=bigsecre t&username=kafka&password=drowssap&name=franz&email=franz@kafka.com

But, I want to use a password an encypted password like this.

http://example.com:9090/plugins/userService/userservice?type=add&secret=bigsecre t&username=kafka&password=de75c9530ed3905a24041aa7c39cd989c1a95cd6&name=franz&email=franz@kafka.com

to use like this, let me know how to configure openfire or ‘user service’ plugin,

if is not possible, any other way to pass an ecrypted password to openfire form my web application?

Plz, help me