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Is it safe to get rid of ofRRDs.ibd?

I recently found out that the file ofRRDs.ibd swelled up to 67GBs. I switched off User Control and Monitoring plugins, so the system stopped changing this file. Is it safe to delete this file since I do not use monitoring service ?
My server is on Ubuntu + mySQL .

As far as I have experienced simply removing the ofRRDs.ibd causes Openfire to lose connection with database after restarting service (I previously stopped and removed monitoring plugins from console). Is there any other way to get rid of this huge ofRRDs.ibd file from disk without disrupting DB connection ? Any help appreciated.

I’m thinking you’re referring to MySQL IBD files? I honestly don’t know if you can manipulate them. Deleting database files, or even modifying them outside of the database management system seems like something that’d introduce problems, fast.

If you’re not using the plugins any longer, you might want to drop the related tables from your database. I’d start with that (after having created proper backups, of course).

Here’ s what I have done:

  • dumped mysql database
  • dropped table ofRRDs (after that the huge .ibd file was gone)
  • restored db from dump
  • upgraded ubuntu and taking this opportunity - upgraded openfire server to 4.4.0
  • after that I noticed error in error.log related to time zone ‘CEST’ resulting in openfire having problems with db connection
  • modified mysqld.cnf and added:

Works well! Thank you for your suggestion.