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Is it safe to remove users from openfire.ofUser?

or is it possible to use smack api to delete users ?

You can use the User Service plugin to delete users via http or you could possibly do it using ad-hoc commands in Smack. I believe it is not a good idea to delete users directly from the database.

Deleting users from the database is definitely not going to work well as openfire caches stuff. You’ll want to use the UserService plugin or the adhoc commands

do you know if openfire support http://jabber.org/protocol/admin#delete-user ?

Because when i try to discover commands in my server and this is my result (openfire 3.8.2) :

I dont see that of support delete command.

is it possible to add a command ? how ?

You are right, it is not supported. I can’t find the Jira ticket on this at the moment, I just saw it the other day

is there a way to create ad hoc command that is not supported by openfire by default ?