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Is it using DOM Parser?


I have downloaded the source code and tried to study the source code.

I have some doubts regarding with XML streaming.

I know two parser DOM an Sax.

Wildfire open source uses Dom parser for streaming. But I don’'t know how it could be possible, because DOM requires whole content before processing any information. So how it could be possible with socket streaming, it needs to close write end of socket streaming.

So helping to solve this problem.

Hey Nabil,

Wildfire 3.2 and later uses a light XML parser to figure out when a complete XML element has been received and then uses XMPPPacketReader to actually turn a string into a DOM object.

Relevant classes to look at:


org.dom4j.io.XMPPPacketReader (defined in Openfire that overrides the one provided by dom4j)


– Gato