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Is NIO ready for use?


I am very glad to see package org.jivesoftware.wildfire.nio. Is nio ready?

I remember some bugs in XMLLightWeightParser. Are they fixed ?

And I saw in the code it seems not support compression, doesn’'t it?

Thank you



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I think so.

Since Wildfire 3.2 release, MINA framework is integrated for connections. This framework uses NIO.

So I would say WF is NIO ready.

Hey HeQi,

As Pascal correctly said Wildfire now uses NIO. Synchronous connections are no longer supported for c2s. And as you have noticed in the code stream compression is not working right now. We still have to figure out what’'s going on with compression when using TLS in MINA.


– Gato

In Wildfire 3.2.2 there’'s at least one big bug in XML handling, see http://www.igniterealtime.org/forum/thread.jspa?threadID=24992&tstart=25 .