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"/" is not recognized durigh LDAP queries

We installed the latest version of OpenFire 3.7.1 and all seems good except that LDAP lookups fail when the user’s name contain a “/”. We cannot change our naming convention due to the size of the organization. After researching this issue for a few days all I have come across are deadends. Is there any fix/tool/patch available that addresses this issue? Please advise.

This might not be the answer you expect but this seams to be the cause of the problem:


Rerun the LDAP setup wizard and use a different LDAP field for your user names otherwise you will might have issues with the XML parser in Openfire with another “/” in your JID

I tried and no luck, the querry is retunring say 3 users, when I go to users… it only show 2 uesrs (accounts dont have slash in it) , but it say total three users …so I guess the other user is in the dbase but dont know how it translate the slash … very wierd … I’m using the embeded dbase for now , just mapped the ldap to an ou with three uers … so open fire know there is three reported but only two showing … frustrating … any help will be appricaited …

You can escape special characters in XMPP JIDs with \nn, so slash should be \2f

read up http://xmpp.org/extensions/xep-0106.html