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Is possible start spark more quickly?

I use spark in a computer coreo 2 duo, 2GB RAM, 250 GB HD and Windows XP, but in a first time that I start spark it delay around 1 - 2 minute. After the first start of the Spark the others starts are faster.

Is possible make the first start more quick? I guess the problem is because the Java VM, Anybody else have the same problem?

Best Regards

Do you mean the first startup after the installation or after the computer reboot? I have a dual core AMD with 2GB and Windows XP and first start after reboot (when GUI is visible) takes ~12 secs, second startup ~7 secs. Maybe something wrong is with your OS. Do you have any firewalls, antivirus? Can you try disabling those and trying again?

I mean in startup after reboot. At my work, we use the software ghost to make image in all computers, maybe this image has any problem. I’ll check it.

Thanks very much.