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Is Smack project live?


is Smack project still live? It looks like it does not accept contributions. I send bug report 3 month ago with patch into this discussion and none is interested. I really would like to help, but I don’t know how to get access to SVN or at least JIRA…



Yes, Smack project is still alive, though not very active. Main developers has abandoned this project, so now onlya few volunteers are doing some fixing and adding new features. SVN code is changing quite often. Recently another developer has joined the team and it plans to do a lot of work on Smack. Check his thread http://www.igniterealtime.org/community/message/201964#201964 and the jira bug ticket mentioned in it. Maybe it is the same issue you are talking about? (i see “Delay” being mentioned in all related threads). Also i have found another your thread where rcollier was mentioning that he has his own version of a patch. Also in your latest thread Niess (on of the volunteer team members) has replied that he can’t reproduce your issue. So, there were a few responses to your requests. Now, if your issue is completely different, i can file it as a ticket in Jira. Are you planning to do more patches or is this the only patch you want to provide? In the latter case there is no need for you to have Jira/SVN accounts (Jira is open publicly for anyone, but only to comment and vote), because here we have a mentoring program and one has to go through a long process before one can gain SVN and Jira permissions. So, if it is only a one-time contribution it is easier for someone else to file and apply that patch.

Thanks for quick response.

Yes. I saw the thread regarding DelayInformation. I also had problem with it, so I implemented my own PacketExtensionProvider to handle delays by my own. But I don’t think, that this is the same issue.

Maybe this patch can solve my issue


I’ll try it. Anyway it is example, that discussion forum is not good for tracking bugs and patches.

I do not plan any major contribution, I probably don’t need account, but I badly need to solve my issue


my issue is being fixed http://www.igniterealtime.org/community/message/201984

Hi Wroot,

I’ve been wondering the same thing lately as I submitted a request (with code) and haven’t heard a peep :expressionless:


I’d be happy to help/ contribute code as well; are you the project despot from whom we get JIRA/ SVN credentials?




I can get you setup on Jira and get you in touch with benjamin for SVN. What is your jira account?