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Is the Chat Thread needed?


i was needing to use smack in a applet but i found the problem of JVM versions (IE supports not more than Java 1.1.4)

i was told to make a applet so that the ie client needs not to download anything

Smack is too big to change it, if possible

so i got one friend’'s jabber library and started modifying it

now my friend library uses not the chat Threads, wich are used in smack, not to send or even to recive, so i wanted to know what happens if i send a chat message to smack, will it be enought? will Smack filter the messages of this one chat with no problem or will i need to add this feature?

thks a lot


pd: i will ask once more if there is any way to use the JVM included with IE and smack or if there is some library wich i can use for it.


If you download the latest daily build you will get a version that makes the optional. By default the is used but you can turn it off by sending


About the browser’'s JVM version I would recommend to check the Java Plug-in “feature”.

Java Plug-in FAQ:


Java Plug-in Help:


Using the HTML Converter:



– Gato


Java 1.1.4 is old and I don’‘t think will be an effort to create a compatible version of Smack. I’'m not aware of any Java XMPP projects targetting that old a JVM.

Your only real option is either to insist on the Java plug-in, or to abandon Java on the client. If you abandon Java on the client, you can go to a pure HTML client interface using Smack on the server as a servlet. Several people are using this method. Alternatively, you can create a Macromedia Flash client interface, that talks to the Smack servlet on the server using whatever protocol you wish, or alternatively it could implement the entire XMPP protocol and talk to the server directly. I think it would be cleaner to use Smack to do most of the logic on the server.

Finally, if you’'re only targetting IE on Windows, there is always the option of going native with ActiveX or .NET. Winfessor provides a .NET XMPP client library that would be handy in that scenario.