Is the gateway caching groups for permissions?

I’‘m using LDAP for my user base. As I posted in a previous post, the user permissions aren’‘t working (I have just upgraded to Wildfire 3.2 / Gateway 1.0b7). The group permissions do work, however, I believe the gateway is caching the group definitions. That is, I modify a group (for example, add a user) but the Gateway doesn’‘t take that into account (e.g., the user cannot connect to the transport). I have changed Wildfire’‘s global group cache value and the user does show up in the group definition in the Users/Groups tab, but the Gateway doesn’'t get the definition unless I bounce Wildfire.

I assume there is a cache in there somewhere. Now, I have a couple of questions:

  1. Why cache the group info in the Gateway, since Wildfire is doing its own caching?

  2. How can I reduce the timeout for the Gateway cache? I really need it to be 15 minutes at the most.



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Well I can tell you initially… if it’‘s caching, news to me. I’‘m just making direct calls to the wildfire internals to query the contacts of the groups in question. If that’‘s caching things, then it’‘s definitely unexpected behavior in my book. So off the top of my head, I can’‘t say what’‘s causing this, but definitely some good info you are providing me here. I’'ll see what I can figure out.