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Is the priority handled incorrectly?

Hi … iv’‘e a question i read once (i think it was on de.wikipedia) if some client has a negative priority it is shown as offline if no other ressource with a priority >= 0 is online and it does not recive messages since they’'re not explicitly addressed to the client with the low id via the ressource…


if my bot is online with an priority -1 and no other client is online with this account noone should see my contact as online an if someone tries to send me a message it will be threatened as an offline message (means it’'ll be stored on the server and delivered as soon as an client comes online with a priority greater than -1)

or are my informations incorrect - because i wonder… i’‘think wildfire dosn’'t show this behaviour …


as far as I know the xmpp spec is not very strict on defining how to handle a negative priority.

I did never hear of presence packets which should be dropped because of the priority. If your bot does not want to send presence updates it may use a privacy list.

The messages should probably indeed be stored in the offline table


http://www.ietf.org/rfc/rfc3921.txt 11.1-4 Inbound Stanzas

“For message stanzas, … However, the server MUST NOT deliver the stanza to an available resource with a negative priority; …”

“For presence stanzas … the server MUST deliver the stanza to all available resources;…”



ah, nice