Is there a Contact #


Is there a contact number for the chance to talk with someone about questions regarding Spark?

I’m with the City of Arlington, TX and I’m researching an IM tool for us. I wanted to get more information:

Can Spark can be used in an enterprise environment and if so, is there a limit on number of users?

If can be used for enterprise, what are the cost associated?

What is the setup required?


Sharon Johnson

Openfire/Spark is opensource and is licensed used Apache. Its free to use, and many people run it in their business/enterprise. As with most opensource, its community driven. Usually there are no number to call like you would find with Apple or Microsoft. Most IT generalist can deploy and setup openfire with little problems.

Hi Speedy3K:

We have about 3000 users, can Spark support that many?

yes, that shouldn’t be a problem for openfire. Depending on hardware, some users have reported 250K+ concurrent users on a single server.

If your organization has any java developers, I hope you’ll encourage them to contribute to the community! Some of the projects could use some help!