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Is there a HOWTO in order to setup Wildfire + Spark

I should have successfully installed Wildfire on my system, and am trying to connect to the relative server using Spark. Unfortunately I’‘m constantly getting an “invalid username or password” type message each time I connect. I’'ve tried finding some HOWTOs or instruction on how to get Wildfire and Spark going, but I found none. Are there any?

I frankly do not know what I might be doing incorrectly, since the message in question would hint that there is some form of connectivity as otherwise I would get a different message I presume. Could anyone start by telling the format of the details to enter in the Spark client? Perhaps that is where I am erring.


There was once a KB article with sample configuration of the client at old jivesoftware.org, which is now igniterealtime.org. But i think it’'s gone and there is no decent documentation and never was (except of few articles in Openfire part). So, i know this is not convinient, but the only way for you is to start asking in proper forums (Spark one this time). Or Search the forums before. There is a wiki.igniterealtime.org , but i cant find any useful info for this case in there. Hopefully someone somday will add this there.

Few cents about your issue. Have you created an account in Openfire Administration Console or are you trying to create it with Spark (and is Inbound Registration enabled on server in this case?)?

in Spark, username should be the username you have created in Admin Console. I mean only username part of JID (JID exmaple: username@server). Probably the problem is with Server part. What are you putting there? Is it what you have set for server name in Admin Console? Then is this name resolvable in your network? This means DNS records. If this name is not in DNS, so you can edit your machines hosts file to recognize that name (resolve that name to a proper IP) or you can just use its IP instead of server’‘s name in Spark login. If server is setup on the same machine you trying to launch Spark, try putting you machine’‘s name in Server part. I’'m doing this in my test environment (server and client on the same machine), though i have set server name the same as my PC name.

Unfortunately I’‘m new to this stuff, but I have to learn since I’'m actually trying this out in order to implement it in a project I have in mind.

I fear that I have no DNS server installed, I presume it is actually a prerequisite to setup the whole thing. I’‘m running a home PC, I have no network here. I’‘m also using a router, and my OS is Ubuntu Edgy Eft 6.10 (or CE 2.2, but that is based on Edgy Eft 6.10). Since I’‘m using a router, which IP address should I use? If I don’'t have a DNS server installed, I should still be able to login using an IP address right?

So if I got it right, do I need to install a DNS server, if yes any suggestions on which to use?

Thanks a lot for your help.

So, your setup is is PC with Spark - router - PC with Ubuntu and Openfire ? Or Spark and Openfire is on the same PC?

If first one, and if you will have only one PC with Spark connected (if this is just a test case) so you dont really need a DNS to install. You can use the IP of that PC with Openfire. Of course this PC should be reachable for you. I mean is your router configured to allow access to that PC. Can you ping this PC from a PC with Spark? Is there a firewall (iptables) running at the PC with Openfire? If you can ping it and there is no firewall, so you can put that IP you are pinging with in Spark login information as Server.