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Is there a Roadmap for Spark?

I was wondering if there is a documented RAODMAP for Spark moving forward?

Are they moving forward with adding new features, capability, security, etc to the product moving forward in future versions?

I have had Spark 2.6.0 Beta 2 and have for a while, when does that become a release prd version or will it?

Is there any plans for adding Outlook calendar integration?

Is there a list of items that are being looked at to add to future versions or a place to add your sugggestions?


A few issues need to be resolved first before development can continue.

Like who will be doing the programming :wink:

and who can get jive to build the app and post it.

Basically looking to see if the Spark client will be moving forward, new versions with additional features, not just stopping since Jive Software is not selling the solution anymore.

Also if the current Beta version will go to a General Release and if they are adding itmes like Outlook integration, etc…

outlook integration would not be free. it requires microsoft licensed api’s. i would not expect this to ever be done.