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Is there a *serious* project for a Flash messenger?

I was wondering if is there some kind of organization to create a Flash GUI around XIFF, like other Jabber clients have. I searched the forum and seems there are some people developing some stuff, but I found nothing concrete.

Is someone already developing/interested on developing such stuff? I mean, in a serious way, with CVS and such things…



I’'m thinking on starting the coding of a IM client around the XIFF engine - I know “IM client around XIFF” are heavy words, thats why I said “thinking”. If someone is interested, please get in touch with me via Jabber: franqui@jabber.dk

On the other hand, I would like to ask Sean something which maybe could be impertinent… Why coding a XMPP Flash engine without client? I just was really surprised to find a complete XMPP library without anything around…



Of course - I built the API without the client because a Flash client wasn’'t really that interesting to me. Rather, using Jabber/XMPP as a transport protocol for other things like a whiteboarding application, multiplayer games, multiuser environments, remote presentations, etc. that are built in Flash is the real reason why I started XIFF in the first place.

A client would be nice and useful reference code - it would be great to see one and once upon a time I did start making one for Central - but really there are so many Jabber clients already out there already.

There are many projects that use XIFF, and most are all custom, non-open-source projects that use it as a general “communications library.”

Yeah, there are thousands of Jabber clients. But none embeddable in a website and really usefull - Jeti comes to my mind, but not many users have the Java plugin in their browsers… on the other hand, around the 95% of the browsers have the Flash plugin.

Even more, there’‘s no Jabber client which I could say it is “nice” for non-power Jabber user and multiplatform - let’‘s say Pandion, but it’'s only Windows stuff (and it runs over Internet Explorer…)

Anyway. I think there are too many Jabber clients, too. That’'s why I have not really clear this thing I have in my head. If I had it clear, I would have already started coding.



I would tend to agree that we are missing a serious client here.

Sean made an incredible effort with this library. We all thank you.

I do think that it would be nice to have a solid no frills Flash client. It seems like quite a few people are working on this. Would anyone contribute?

Barry promised us a flash client a while back: http://www2.jivesoftware.org/forums/thread.jspa?threadID=14404&tstart=30


I am developing a serious project for flash messenger. Its name is Viwow Messenger. currently, it can login, get roster, add contact chating and start conferenct etc… but it is not stable, so can not be released for public review.

I am doing the development on FAME, and building some utils on top of it. I name the utils FlashGCP, but currently is just a debugging platform, doing things like logging, debugging, and unit testing. I made heavy use of as2lib, so it is expected to be full featured rather than light-weighted.

further more, I want to the flash messenger able to open multi window, I am doing some work towards this target.

There are several issues with a flash-only client. For the record, a mixed Javascript/Flash works extremely well. This might save a lot of time and code. Emoticon support is extremely easy in Javascript and rendered in a scrollable pane within 2 div tags. This looks definetely like the way to go: Ajax/Flash…

I still have a few capabilties to add but it looks close…



Sorry about that, this portion has unfortunately taken a back burner to other projects…I’'d love to see the community come together to help with client examples / snippits / etc.

I hope my project will make you happy… I know it’‘s not as complete as it could have been, but it’'s a sleeping project I made during a work placement.

I used a personally modified version of the xiff library 200B1 for my project, and I can try to merge the modifications if the result permits sb to do sth!

The chat can be found here: http://usuc.dyndns.org/tv/Jabber/novachat.php

It’'s on my connection so it can be slow… My jabber server is not connected to others servers, there is not any gateways and the port used for jabber is 5222 as usual!

The sources of this project are not downloadable for the moment, but I can share it if needed

Notice: Undefined variable: lang in c:\program files\easyphp1-8\www\tv\jabber\novachat.php on line 47

Notice: Undefined variable: lang in c:\program files\easyphp1-8\www\tv\jabber\novachat.php on line 50

this when i’'m trying to create account, and blank window when trying to login with random login.

arf! thanks for that…

Now is it fixed!

The blank window is filled by the chat when fully loaded (192ko).

ok, i have tested. It seems to be working fine. Only slowly BTW, i think you should hide password with asterisk sign in account registration menu. I recall there is such option in Input Field preferences (Macromedia Flash 7).

and sometimes emoticons are not in place, they appears on top of previously posted messages

I also developped a flash client that is used in an open source Learning Management System called OLAT www.olat.org. Its based on the xiff lib and works quite well. But it is designed for the LMS and needed some work to use somewhere else. It has roster support, messaging with serveral users at the same time, groupchat and …

I think It would be really a cool project to join the manpower of the several project here and develop all together a nice client. How about starting here at jivesoftware with a CVS account and a good name. Who would like to join the project? Who could draw the overall architecture of such a project?


I’'m ready for this kind of project!

I saw your message on my chat! and I agree with you to do such a thing… I wanted to make one… but as my project felt asleep for about 6 months… I gave up… for a while! My motivation is back since I’'m on this forum… ready for anything!

We’'ll have to argue a lot for the GUI… but this seem to be very interesting, and could redirect a lot of questions related to chat making that are already in this forum (and should not because this is not xiff programming, this is xiff using)

Let’'s go for it!

interesting Though i’'m not a developer. Maybe can advise about design or search for bugs. But i still have to install XIFF somehow. Dont have time for this still

Hey, could you share the source of your chat?

cool, it looks like that some people are interested. It may makes more sense to start with a sourceforge project. But to do so we need a good name. Any ideas? And to start the GUI talks, My favorite Client is PSI. I would go along its design for creating a new Flash client. That means that it will have a main pandel for the rouster in a small popup window and if possible for each chat and groupchat its own window as popups. Does this work in flash? Does anybody have a working test example of independant windows (swf’'s inside) that communication with each other. If this doesnt work we have to go with a one window solution with may be tabs or something. But for me it is very important to have the client in a spearate small window, so I can chat and use my deskop anymore.


Yes, I did things like these with localConnection (swf’‘s talking to each others) but there is unknown bugs (specially on Macintosh) like: over 10 localconnections you can’'t open anymore… And this kind of connection is slow (approx 1 sec delay)

You can find an example at macromedias knowledge base:


Or we could try Central, as Sean Voisen tried, but I don’‘t know many about it… and don’‘t know if users won’‘t have to download extra plugin (and this could be bad because the main advantage of a flash chat is that 95% of the ppl won’'t need extra plugin installation!).

My choice, as you saw, was to make a main window with everything inside… it’‘s simplier! I didn’'t find any manners to do such a thing… but studio8 is coming… maybe with new features!

If anyone here know an other way to make multiple windows GUI is flash… We’'re all listening

i think that first you should try to make working tabbed version, and who knows maybe this will do I prefer separate windows too. But hey, i’'m using Firefox with tabs and i like it

As about name. Maybe it should have XIFF prefix to honor XIFF developers? Something like XIFF-IM or XIFF-Chat, but thats only an idea. Maybe it should be a one word, maybe something from nature, you know like Tiger, Chameleon, etc.

What features will make this chat extraordinary? The name could be deriven from this.

I tried to focus on international names - or easy to remember. I also tried to show the open source/free/for everyone aspect in the name

The main positive point of such a project is that anyone can install a jabber server, and anyone can have access to it… there is no “censorship” (moderators are here, but jabber won’‘t log ppl as M$ does)… every body can take it and see how it works… and simple users can trust it isn’'t a commercial place (free of any constraint)!

Based on flash (gordon hihihihiih, but already tooken!)





now, latin oriented (international - like vivendi, areva, aventis,…)

irevia - (means follow the road, don’'t quit it)

liberchat - (free - without political constraint + chat)

libens - (given spontaneously)

vulgus - (the people)

vulpinor - (clever as a fox)

I don’'t really know , try to see if something seem correct to you…

I forgot to give the credit name to the XIFF, but thought it would be on the sourceforge page, and on the chat credits… we can’‘t forget the xiff developpers! it’‘s just impossible… but making a name with XIFF… probably Xiffan (between XIFF and Fan) or things like that… one word that could be easily pronounciated in any language over the world (that’‘s why a tried some latin words, that’'s what companies does to become internationally pronounciable) and that google will recognize easily.

Any other suggestion (this thread is well working… yeah!)