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Is there a *serious* project for a Flash messenger?

I think we could write a window class for the windows, they would still be in main swf, but you could resize them, and whynot minimize.

The other solution would be using Flash Window Component.


If we include MSN, AIM, etc. support in that client too, then we could name it Flash-IM or OWM (OpenWebMessenger) : )

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hm… i personally prefer short names, but something like irevia sounds good too.

So what makes this flash client different from others? Simple availability, direct through the browser. So it could be latin based on that: availability, rapid connection, blaze, maybe nice design. I dont know latin so you should know better

As about Xiffan, maybe Xiffian sounds better. But it sounds like a human or profession. Dont know.

If we include MSN, AIM, etc. support in that client

too, then we could name it Flash-IM or OWM

(OpenWebMessenger) : )

good one. Maybe OWIM (how would you pronounce that?). I think any name could be given, and other networks support could be on project’'s roadmap

jevx:[/b] Using the Flash Window Component doesn’'t help at all for this problem… it will just bring more confusion. These windows are used INSIDE the flash app, and the problem we have is to have REAL windows (ex: one firefox window with roster, an other with chat…) communicating without problem…

Using tabs for windowing is great (making real windows wasn’'t possible in mine for compatibility reasons), but we should solve the problem of new messages if not focused, we have to find a way to tell the user “new message has arrived” out of the window…

For the name:[/b]… I will seek latin dictionaries for such a word, but translating “rapid connection” into latin is quite impossible (like “plane”… you must use “flying machine” because it didn’‘t exist at this period of history )… but I’'ll try

I’‘m between Irevia, Xiffian and OWIM… Xiffian, because we all here are xiffians and I like that! and OWIM because it’'s simple and short. Irevia for the meaning. I really liked the way they choosed the name for Ubuntu…

But maybe should we wait one or two days for other ppl to say what they think of it…[/u] I think we’'re 3 or 4 involved for the moment, but ppl could join and bring their own point of view, which is as important as our.

we have to find a way to

tell the user “new message has arrived” out of the


How about this:

when message arrives, the flash can beep or something. Maybe something can be done with JavaScript or smthng?!

What about starting new thread about that? Because now some of visitors dont even look in this thread i think.

As about project members. As i said i can only suggest something and maybe test time to time, i’‘m checking whole Jive forum almost every day. But i cant promise something more, because i’'m spending much time with Jive Messenger itself and with my real work

Hey guys - I’‘m glad this project is getting off the ground. I personally won’'t be able to be a developer, but I can advise you on the intricacies of XIFF and using it when need be (if you need a board of advisors

As far as GUI, here’'s how I did it in Central, which might help in the design of the web-based version:

One window had the roster using a data grid with custom cell renderers, so it looked like something you’‘d see in PSI or another program. The main window had the chat/IM interface and was tabbed because Flash’‘s window management system is quite buggy and bloated IMHO (assuming you can even call it a window management system!) It wasn’‘t tabbed in the traditional sense, but had a vertical list on the left-hand side that you could click on to switch between conversations, group chats, etc. If one of the conversations updated and you weren’'t viewing it, the system would notify you by changing the color or the icon of the corresponding item of the list.

To do this same thing without Central will require use of LocalConnection. A one-window solution would be easier, but maybe not as robust for the user.

To make multi window with flash see on


in a friendly way