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Is there a shared roster concept?


Is there a way to create a shared roster ? I want to have one roster for a group of people so the server can easily manage one roster for all the members instead of managing one roster for each member - server needs to add and remove members in/from this shared roster.



Hey Lixin,

Shared groups is supported by Jive Messenger but it’'s not an XMPP standard so there is no spec that clients and servers should follow. Currently Smack does not allow to manage (create/modify/delete) shared groups and it is not in our immediate roadmap to do so. You will have to maintain the list of shared groups from the server side using the Admin Console.

However, if you want to help us implement ad-hoc commands then we will be a step closer to what you are looking for.


– Gato

Hi Gato,

thanks for your info. I am more than happy to contribute any, but I think from those questions I asked, I am sure that I am not qualified to do any work at this moment. I am just to new to this whole IM world.

I am still in early learning phase, trying to understand how to work with IM - from my business cases perspective.

thanks again