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Is there a way to announce something ONLY the first time a user connects?

Everything is in the title.



If you need to send a message for a new user when he/she first logs in, then you can enable Welcome message in the Registration plugin.

Thank you wroot but, that’s why I wrote “first connects” and not “first registers”.

My users are already registered.

I just want to welcome them and show them some rules the first time they connect.


Well, that’s open for interpretation The other thing close to what you want is the Message of the Day plugin, but it will send the message every time a user logins. So, there is nothing exactly like you need.

Ok. Thanks.

I put an eye at the database model.

There is no flag indicating that’s the user has already connected once.

MotD could be a solution if it could target one user at a time.

Alas, MotD targets every user indistincly.

I think the only solution requires a specific plugin: kind of MotD.

I know that the natural way to do this is to go through the registration process.

I my case, XMPP is only a small part of the whole process: a new employee’s incorporation.

Thank you for all,


In fact, a correct and simpler way to do this without having to develop an labyrinthine system is to follow the same process as it would be with mail: a message is sent by the admin or a specific account to a new user. Provided OpenFire is configured to store offline messages, the user will receive this one the next time he’ll be online.


More specific questions to come