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Is there a way to BUZZ everyone in a conference room?

Perhaps, there might be an undocumented way to BUZZ everyone in a conference room. I’'ve seen this happen once before, but I cant figure out how that happened…


Funny, I saw the same thing. I also would like to know how this happened. BUZZ

How can you see that everyone is buzzed in the room?

I guess the question should be how do you BUZZ a conference room. We have seen it done but dont know how it was done. Generally, you can only BUZZ individual users

lvogelsang wrote:

We have seen it done but dont know how it was done.

I still dont get it. WHAT EXACTLY have you seen? How it looks like when whole room is buzzed? What, all the contacts in roster start to shake? One can only see a buzz effect that affects him, not everyone. So for the end user there is no difference was he buzzed alone or along with others. I’'m not speaking about the main question, dont know if this is possible, or could be useful. But that “we have seen this” sounds strange to me Or maybe you have launched n instances of Spark in one computer, then joined the room with all of them and then someone buzzed the room and you saw that all windows started to shake? Or maybe you and your neighbour have noticed that you both got the buzz at the same time? Are you sure this was really at the same time or maybe someone just buzzed you and then you neighbour at once?

Hmm… is it possibly just that someone else buzzed you while you’‘re in a conference room? the conference room still shakes if its in the same tab collection as the msg, but because buzz isnt making the tab the buzzed you active, it seems like the room you’'re in is buzzing.

The only way you can tell it was or wasn’'t is the fact that “BUZZ” dont not turn up in the room.

“BUZZ” did indeed show up in the conference room at which point the conference room window started shaking. It was not from and individual chat BUZZ