Is there a way to change the port away from 5222?

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We would like to run multiple instances of wildfire (to provide services for multiple AD domains) on the same Suse Enterprise 10 server. The issue we’‘re running into is that both instances are trying to bind to port 5222 and one is failing. I’‘ve searched the forums and google and I haven’‘t had much luck. I’‘m sure it must be in a configuration file somewhere but we’‘ve looked all over and haven’'t found it! Does anyone know where the port number is stored?

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go to http://server:9090/index.jsp and scroll down there, you’'ll find Edit Properties which allows you to change these values.

The admin console ports are stored in conf/wildfire.xml.

CM port: http://server:9090/connection-managers-settings.jsp

Proxy port: http://server:9090/file-transfer-proxy.jsp

You likely need to restart Wildfire after changing these settings.


Just a brief comment…there is no need to restart the server after changing the c2s, s2s, CMs or external component ports.


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