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Is there a way to lock down access to Webchat (fastpath)

Does anyone know if there is a way to lock down the webchat (fastpath) feature in Openfire, to only allow internal users as opposed to anyone on Internet? Similar to the way IIS works with Authentication and Access control.

Any assistance is appreciated.


Fastpath is just a java insertion on a web site. you can set ACL for that page so that only internal users can access it. If the web site is available both internally and externally then this becomes much more difficult. You need to set up conditional scripting to display the link on the site or not based on a defined criteria. You amy instead wish to use the actual web client, SparkWeb, which does not need to be embeded into a site. it is a standalone web client.

Thanks for your reply. How would I set the ACL on the page? The site is available internally and externally.