Is there a way to pull users "Buddy Lists" from a previous backup?

I recently upgraded the DNS and AD server that was due for retirement. Due to Spark having a direct connection to LDAP, when I removed this server it severed the connection for all of the users logins. I was not able to find the file to update this infomation, so I just started over and reinstalled spark.

I do however have a backup of all of my spark data prior to this. I am looking for the “Buddy Lists” for each of the users so that I can recover the users lists.

Bueller??? Come on, I cant be the only one who’s ever asked this question. Even if its not possible id like to hear an answer.

If you were using the LDAP integration, then all contacts were pulled from the LDAP and there is no local file for buddy list. Usually user’s roster is saved in the server’s database. You can check that by going to Admin Console, going to any user’s properties and checking the Roster menu.

Is there a way to pull the lists from one database and put it into another database? Also what file would I be looking for? I used the enbebbed database.

You can try User Import Export plugin, though i’m not sure it will work. You can find in the the Plugins section in Admin Console.

Is this possible to a database that is no longer in use?

No. To Export users database and Openfire should be running.