Is there a way to refresh the LDAP interface without restarting the server?


I have been playing with the latest 3.0 version and like it alot, however it seems if I add a new user to a Active Directory group they won’'t show up unitl I restart the server, is there a way to auto refresh this without restarting the server? I am running on CentOS and the daemon script does not support a reload, just start and stop.



You can fool around with clearing the caches out to accomplish this. Look for “Cache Summary” in the left column under the Server tab in the administrative web interface. I’'m not 100% sure which exact ones need to be cleared out, but I have always cleared ones that have a “Percent Used” populated, which are usually entries assocated with group, roster, etc. However, clients still have to reconnect to show the new users (ie: if you have shared groups), but it is possible to sync up with LDAP w/o restarting the server by clearing the caches.

Hope this helps a bit as a jumping point until someone can provide some more concise answers.