Is there a way to set a photo for user groups..?


Is there a way we can set a photo maybe avatar for user groups…? It can be a user created group or system created group. Group admin should be able to assigned an image just like in WhatsApp. If this is not exists, do we need to write new plugin or is there any existing plugin that we can costomized to get it done…?


There is no such option in Openfire and i haven’t heard about such thing in xmpp in general. So, yeah, you will have to come up with something on your own. But there is no VCard or Private Data Storage for groups, it is not designed to have such stuff. And then you client should also know about it to show them. I don’t know of a client showing pictures/avatars for groups. Maybe there is some, or you will have to build your own also.

Thanks wroot,

Instead of using user group, can it be done for a chat room…? maybe we can we customized a client to show the avatar but it has to be stored in server.

Thanks again.

Again, haven’t head of a server/client showing avatars for chat rooms.