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Is there any web client like Google Talk or FaceBook?


I am new to OpenFire and Jabber messaging, and I need to incorporate a web chat client into a website, the same way as Google Talk is incorporated into Gmail, or something similar to FaceBook’s instant messaging. What’s the best choice for this?

The second thing I want to be able to do is send notices from this web application to other users, from the openfire account that is currently logged in. Let’s say for example… One customer calls asking for a new apartment, then the secretary must log that request into the system and then the system must automatically send a message to all available agents from the secretary’s messenger ID.

Any comments and advices are welcome, Thank you!


Regarding the first question, please see this: http://www.igniterealtime.org/projects/sparkweb/index.jsp

Hi Alexandru,

the fastpath plugin allows to route messages to multiple agents and one can accept it, this works only with Spark as far as I know.

Or you can create a group with all agents and the secretary does send a broadcast message to the group.