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Is there anyway where we can log every api call made to the openfire server?

I need to log every api call made to openfire server.

You are talking REST API call or what exactly?

Yes Rest API calls made to openfire

Hi any update? I want to check how many Rest api calls are being made.

Hi, I’ll ping @Redeyes on this to see what he thinks. It may be a nice feature to log all REST requests to Openfire’s audit log?

In what exactly are you interesting in? Which endpoint was called by which person?

yes i mean every Rest request made to openfire.

Previously, i made modications to the rest api for the same reason, but so far logging just the actions relating to users and MUC rooms. It is for the immediate previous version to thr REST API. I can share that if desired

Great. I think that will suffice for now. Please share it. Thanks.

This is now available in version 1.3.5 of the REST API Plugin
You can enable logging for the plugin, and then any call to the User or MUC related APIs will log when it is called.

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