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Is this a simple problem?


I have a network with ubnutu linux os installed on work station / clents without loging on domain server.

We used a application in web browser who is conneceted to remote server.

Every PC use static IP adress.

Some time I must call everyuser to close application because maintance on remote server.


Can I install Openfire server and what client I can use/insatll on client PC to send them a

simple message to all computer in network (broadcast message to all IP adress)?

Ask me if you have sam another quiestion important to solve this problem.

Thank you for help in advance

S. Tomic

p.s. sorry for my not so good English, but I’m not a native English speaker.

Installing chatting system just to send one broadcast once in a while looks like too much. Maybe you should look for some other simple solution. Unless you want to provide chat system for your users. You can use whatever jabber client you want (linux version). Pidgin will do.

Thank you for answer.

Openfire is more powerfull than I need to solve the problem,

but do you have sam recommendation what software I can use

to solve this problem ?

I may know a few solutions for windows, but not for linux.

The same.

Big problem is there no domain.

Application work in browser.